The Marine Paintings of Malcolm Armstrong
Oil Paintings of Ships and the Sea
At the easel Clipper ship Thermopylae (recently sold) Temeraire after Turner
THE ARTIST I work mostly in oils or alkyd but sometimes in other media. Marine paintings are my speciallity, especially of historic ships and events and private commissions.SAILING SHIPS. These are ships whose primary source of power is wind in their sails; some may have auxiliary mechanical power.SAILING WARSHIPS IN ACTION
Evening flight, 30 in x 40 in, $2,000. Steamship in heavy weather off the coast 16in x 20in HMCS Galiano 9in x 12in $750.  Please scroll down for information.
SEASCAPES. These are paintings which feature sea and sky and do not necessarily depict a ship or other structure.STEAMSHIPS. This includes any ships powered primarily by steam or diesel.MODERN WARSHIPS. These are not necessarily contemporary or "modern" but they are mechanically powered warships usually steam or diesel as compared with sailing warships
Steamer on a lee shore, oil painting 8 in x 10 in, $500.00 Montana storm approaching
COASTAL SCENES, including paintings of actual light houses PRIVATE BOAT COMMISSIONS. I have painted a variety of private boats. Each one was the pride and joy of the owner and they were all happy with the boat portraits I painted.LANDSCAPES. I like variety in my work. I sometimes venture into other media too; I have painted watercolours, acrylics, pastel, graphite and coloured pencil. And I have carved soapstone.